About Raid Locked

casual for now. getting together a great core for raiding 25's.

We need to get into karazhan. thats step one. If you're not keyed, we can help with that. If you are keyed, all the better. If you have an alt that is also keyed why that would just be kickass. Raid time will be 9:30p server time, with the days to be determined. After we get enough people a second kara team will start.

Right now we are accepting anyone. As we get running we will weed out those who dont belong. We're not looking to be a huge guild filled with idiots; rather a small guild of skilled people. No drama, bitching, or going afk in an instance. Just 10 people that want to progress. Kara can be completed in <4hrs, and thats the goal. Come with your A-game or dont come at all. Once these 10 people are in place, we will get 15 more and go whoop Gruuls ass.

This is the plan for progression, and that is the goal of this guild. There is a lot of content after 70 that many players will never see... dont let that happen to you.

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